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How to Cover All the Bases of Laminate Flooring

Laminate floors have multiple benefits, from their aesthetic appearance to its low maintenance qualities. This article will discuss some ways in which you can protect and heighten their appeal even further with these tips and tricks.

Extra Steps to Take to Care for the Work of Laminate Flooring Installers

“Always” for Laminate Floors

  • Microfiber cloths and mops are a laminate floor’s best friend. Always opt for a microfiber cleaning tool when it comes to keeping laminate floors looking their best.
  • Vacuum regularly with the appropriate attachment as to not scratch the floors. Vacuuming regularly will remove any dust, dirt, debris and small particles that could scratch the laminate flooring’s surface.
  • Use light products like baby shampoo to wash laminate floors. It will do the job without leaving the floors looking dull or streaky.
  • Use damp and dry cleaning tools and limit how much water you use in the cleaning process. Wipe up any spills immediately.
  • Vinegar and hot water can shine your floors instead of harsh polishes and waxes.
  • Invest in carpets and rugs to place under any tables,and invest in guards for the feet of your furniture to ensure they don’t scratch the floors if and when they are moved.
  • Use doormats in high traffic areas, like in front of doors, to avoid scuffing.
  • Use curtains to keep direct sunlight off of your floors, at least most of the time.

“Never” for Laminate Floors

  • Puddles are laminate enemy number one. Don’t let water sit for any prolonged amount of time on your laminate floors. This will cause them to lose their protective layer or, even worse, warp and bubble due to the excessive moisture.
  • Don’t use products that were not made for laminate flooring. Most polishes and waxes are too strong and will strip the floor’s protective sheen layer.
  • Do not mop before you have swept or vacuumed. This can cause any particles of dust or debris on the laminate floor’s surface to scratch under the movement of the mop.

To reap the benefits of beautiful floors, contact a professional laminate flooring installation service for easy and stunning interior floors.

Great carpet – as new by the right care!

Carpets are popular floor coverings. With regular cleaning and smart care even stressed floors get the right pep and make a lot of fun and that also for years! Below are some cheap carpet cleaning hack for daily use.

Recovery for bruises

Light pressure points through tables or chairs quickly recover when the pile is straightened with a brush!

Regularly suck – then the soil stays nice

From the beginning, the carpet should be vacuumed at least once a week. This removes dust and loose dirt and straightens up the pile.

It depends on the nozzle!

Short-pile rugs become beautiful again with a brush-type vacuum cleaner. High pile may only be sucked with a smooth carpet nozzle; the same applies to new wool and Berber!

Away with the stain – the main thing on time

Many stains are easy to remove, often enough a clean and absorbent cloth. For cleaning with stain removers, it is always necessary to test in an inconspicuous area first.

Clean with powder!

Moisture-sensitive carpets are cleaned again with a powder cleaning.

Intensively clean with wet cleaning

Depending on the load, you should treat your carpet once or twice a year for a thorough cleaning. Ideal is a carpet cleaning machine that works with the spray extraction method.

When it flashes!

In winter and dry indoor air, electrostatic charging is often a problem. Various means of application are available on the market, eliminating the charge for three to six months.

Can you also wash carpets in the washing machine?

In principle, this is possible and the bathtub can be a good alternative. But please pay attention to the instructions of the manufacturer and do not wash the rugs too hot.

Larger carpets, however, suck in and then become so heavy that you cannot transport them easily anymore. In addition, they take an extremely long time to dry again. So you should let the professional run.

If the carpet was expensive or the stains do not want to go out despite all the tips, a professional carpet cleaning is recommended. Generally, an intensive cleaning should be carried out by the expert at least every two years. Especially because invisible bugs such as dust mites or clothes moths are particularly popular on the carpets. Not only does that sound disgusting, it can also lead to health problems such as allergies. Even toddlers can quickly come into contact with these bacteria by crawling on the rugs. Therefore, regular suction is important (at least once a week).

If you wash the carpets with soap or even detergent, always make sure that they have been completely rinsed out. Otherwise, the future dirt is stubbornly tied. Wool detergents and dishwashing detergents are mild, but attract dirt magnetically and let the carpet fade and gray. Washing a big and heavy carpet completely is almost impossible. So think twice, if you prefer to leave your beloved carpet to a professional.

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