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One of the most common problems in moving is the lack of parking space in front of the building entrance. Be sure to warn the neighbors that you are moving and leave free space near the entrance. You can also park your car or car on the neighbor so that when the cabin crew arrives, the cars will be moved. It is desirable to have the space for two cars.

If there are more items to move, request a view!

In case you have a larger quantity of furniture or equipment it is desirable to make a view that is usually free. Do not be afraid to call several companies to spot the field. It is the best way to fix the final price in the case of a larger move of property. Pay attention to the person you are talking to. Do you have satisfactory answers to your questions about the final price and the approximate time for the task? Specify if the price includes VAT or not. The options for the loadboards are there also.

Make sure you specify all the items necessary for the transfer as this is important for determining the price. If you miss something, it is not scary you can fix it later on the phone. Because view is usually done at the place from where Exit to see all the details of the address where you are going. For example: its location, the number of floors, the availability of a lift and a parking space.

When you negotiate a price on the phone

When you have fewer items and want to negotiate the terms and the price for your move over the phone, be prepared to answer the following few questions.

  • Where do things come from?
  • How many and what objects will be moved?
  • Some of the furniture will be disassembled?
  • Which floor will be removed and floor on which floor?
  • Is there an elevator in the building (both addresses)?
  • How many things will go through the elevator and how many?
  • Will there be access to the truck entrance (at both addresses)?

These are the factors that determine the cost of a move so it is desirable to have prior clarity on these issues. If you do not answer these questions right from the start, it is possible to get wrong movers that can drastically increase the cost of your move.

When choosing a Moving and Moving Company, keep in mind

Nowadays, there are many companies in the “Internet” that offer low-priced chat services. And there are those that are not companies. Do not get us wrong, there’s nothing wrong with the people you stop being right, do your job well and be happy with the price of course.

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