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Very often when making a mortgage, borrowers make irreparable mistakes, which subsequently affect the risks of loss of real estate or creditworthiness. It is important for a bank to sell its loan product as much as possible and more profitable for itself, so lenders will paint all the advantages of a mortgage program, not mentioning their shortcomings, as financial institutions, by and large, do not care how and where the borrower will take money . For the bank, the main thing is profit, and creditors will be happy to help borrowers make mistakes for the benefit of the bank. The mortgage broker Geelong is the best deal here

Errors on mortgages

Tips for Mortgage Specialists: Mistakes in the Forming of a Loan

But we do not want the borrowers to remain fools, creditors in the country, so we turned to the specialists for useful advice on mortgage lending, which will help borrowers make mortgages without making known mistakes. Experts on the mortgage have deduced several important rules that will help reduce the risks when issuing a mortgage loan, in the future not to get into the debt hole and not to lose housing. Following these tips, the borrower will be able to take a mortgage with profit for himself, and not just for the bank.

Tips for getting a mortgage right

Getting a mortgage means that on a strictly defined day of each month the borrower must pay a fixed fee on the loan and interest on the loan. You can make a payment in cash or by bank transfer, the main thing is that on the appointed day on the current account of the borrower the amount of money specified in the mortgage agreement is indicated. Otherwise, in case of delay, the debtor will have to pay a fine, which is from 0.2% to 0.5% for each day. Therefore, one of the main rules is always to replenish the account with which the bank withdraws monthly payments.

There are basic tips for mortgage registration:

Soberly assess your credit capabilities. In order not to bring up delinquencies on mortgages, experts advise not to take too large amounts. So, in their opinion, the monthly payment should not exceed 30% of the family budget

Take the mortgage in the currency in which you receive income. In our time, the exchange rate is very unstable, and if you issue a currency mortgage for reasons of economy, and at the same time receive a salary in rubles, if the exchange rate increases in the future, you will have to significantly increase monthly payments by changing rubles to dollars or euros

Choose a large bank with a “name”. Of course, today mortgage loans are offered by almost all credit institutions, but as statistics show, more favorable lending conditions are provided by large banks with a long history and good reputation

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